SUPERBEE -sustainable beekeeping

Sustainable beekeepingImproving livelihoods in Zanzibar by the development of sustainable beekeeping.

This project aims to address poverty in marginalised households in Zanzibar by unlocking
the potential of the underdeveloped apiculture industry. Equal gender distribution in the
target group will be secured. Efforts to re-orientate beekeeping to be undertaken as a
business require interventions concerning harvest, handling and marketing. This Project
will improve awareness of the importance of bees for pollination, teach people how to
avoid harming bees through the use of pesticides, show beekeepers how to adhere to
honey quality standards and enhance access to high value markets for bee products. The
activities and advocacy efforts together with the introduction of ecological and
economical sustainable beekeeping will also promote biodiversity and benefit the

-the Project will be managed by a partnership between three NGO's.
They are ZALWEDA, DANTAN and Bees for Development.


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